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What should I expect from my holistic doctor?

First Visit
At the first visit the practitioner will review your reasons for coming in, along with a review of your medical history.  Your practitioner will then determine what testing should be done for your particular concerns and explain what those tests will determine.  She will explain how to perform the saliva test for hormone levels. Generally, patients will start on a supplement regimen mainly targeted at what we use up in stress, along with supplements to help their specific areas of concern. Cost for initial visit and consultation is $350.

Second Visit
The second visit with your practitioner is roughly one month after the first.  During this visit the results of all of your testing will be reviewed and explained in depth to you.  Your practitioner will then prescribe a more specific regimen of supplements to treat your specific problems. Cost for all follow-up visits is $225.

Third Visit
The third visit with your practitioner is typically two and a half months after the second visit. Your practitioner may order more blood work prior to this visit and use the results along with how you are feeling to determine how effective your treatment plan has been.  She feels that this visit is extremely important because everybody responds differently to treatments and she wants to be sure that each patient is heading in the right direction.

Subsequent Visits
Subsequent visits are generally two to four times a year depending on how complicated your concerns are and how much intervention is required.  Typically blood work is done prior to each of these visits.

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