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hormone balancing book by Dr Leila Kirdani

The Basics of Hormone Balancing

2012 Edition

Why are we all more tired than we want to be and what can we do about it?  In her ebook, The Basics of Hormone Balancing, Dr. Leila Kirdani reveals how stress can affect our energy levels and cause our sex-hormones and thyroid to be out of balance as well.  Hormones are the messengers between cells, helping to keep us healthy and functioning well.  Learn how you can overcome the affects of stress and feel wonderful.
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upcoming events with dr leila kirdani about Dr Leila Kirdani Dr Pamela Grover Dr Zendi Moldenhauer Dr Renee Wellenstein, DO Learn more about our nurse practitioner Marianne Stalteri of our Central New York office

June 13, 2015

10:00 - Noon

Little Falls Senior Community Center
524 East Main Street
Little Falls NY



Inflammation is the root of all of our modern day diseases. It is the fundamental cause of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, arthritis, and even cancer. Inflammation damages arteries and disregulates our metabolism causing obesity and making it harder for the body to fight of illnesses.

It is our biggest “ager”.

  • Learn how stress, toxins, allergies, hormones and genetics all play a role as causes of inflammation.
  • The benefits of Vitamin D and other supplements
  • Hear from Dr. Leila Kirdani and her team about their multi-facected approach to treatment

Seating is limited - the cost is FREE.
Please RSVP to hold your spot.

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